Cenza and KuneVerda partner to offer Logistics Managed Services in the Benelux region

Cenza and KuneVerda partner to offer Logistics Managed Services in the Benelux region

Cenza’s vast experience in business process solutions and KuneVerda’s deep expertise in business process reengineering delivers meaningful benefits to Freight Forwarders in Ocean, Air and Surface logistics, NVOCCs, 3PLs and other Small and Medium sized Logistics Service Providers.

How we add value?

Cenza and KuneVerda provide intelligent and practical solutions to reduce the cost of operations, better utilize skilled resources, reduce turnaround time, improve operational efficiency and importantly increase your profitability.

Connect with us today, and take advantage of a strong team in the Benelux and a global delivery model to provide solutions to your business challenges.


“Our managed services enable companies improve profitability by integrating technology with intelligent utilization of skilled resources”

- Adi Mirza, President at Cenza


“With the upcoming Brexit, supporting your back office with quality outsourcing services reduces costs and improves efficiency”

- Ed van Dort, Managing Partner at KuneVerda

Our Service Portfolio

Bill of Lading Processing:

Deliver end-to-end data entry and documentation for Bill of Lading workflows on behalf of logistics companies, service providers and carriers.

Invoice Management and Finance & Accounting:

Provide invoice creation and backend accounting services that streamlines the complete invoicing processes covering both Account Payables and Account Receivables.

Freight Audit:

Ensure that all invoices match the rates and applicable charges as stipulated by agreement. Discrepancies identification and corrective action recommendation to recover any already paid invoice overcharges or under-billed invoice.

Track & Trace:

Is a value added service that provides proactive and on-demand information on shipments using web based tools.

Pre-alert processing:

Create Pre-Alert notification for all modes of transport on behalf of Freight forwarder or Logistics service provider to keep all parties informed about shipment details.

Business Process Consulting:

Assess existing business process, identify challenge areas, recommend and re-engineer processes to make measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity.



Cenza is an established and trusted provider of Managed Services with clients in Europe, UK, USA and Canada. Cenza brings deep understanding of Business Processes in Logistics & Shipping industries. Services and solutions from Cenza enable clients to optimize costs and improve profitability with effective utilization of technology platforms including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


KuneVerda BV is an established company, specialized in industrial sustainable solutions. KuneVerda brings deep understanding of Process optimization in the Logistics & shipping industries and combines innovative technologies into one consistent solution ranging from energy savings, route optimization to improved business processes.

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“Test Drive” to Find the Right Outsourcing Partner

“Test Drive” to Find the Right Outsourcing Partner