Unleashing The Power Of Outsourcing

Unleashing The Power Of Outsourcing

“Change is the only constant”. This quote aptly applies to the Logistics and Transportation Industry. Dynamic market conditions, increasing customer expectations, rapidly changing technology environment, and importantly, increasing work force demands dominate the industry. There is a pertinent need for Logistics companies to be on their toes to improve efficiencies. This requires CXOs of Logistics companies to constantly assess, evaluate and improve their business processes to be ahead of the curve and deliver value to their clients.

Industry data also reveals that Logistics companies are under tremendous pressure to increase top-line, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. This necessitates a change in business process execution and management. Some of the large players in the Logistics industry have experienced a first mover advantage by consolidating and outsourcing their routine business processes. This has benefited Shipping and Logistics companies worldwide. Small and mid-sized companies, who have not yet considered outsourcing of business processes, have a genuine opportunity to adopt and integrate available solutions into their operating model and unleash substantial value in their organizations.

So what are the drivers for outsourcing?

  1. Need to generate, replicate and process vast amounts of data and documents.

  2. Shortage of resources and the right skills to meet the expectations of customers.

  3. With a global operating base, different procedures, processes and IT systems are being used which complicates operations.

  4. Increasing cost of labour, insufficient utilization and late adoption of technology.  

Right Sourcing – The key to effective business process execution   

Finding and seamlessly resolving business process challenges is a cumbersome task for any Shipping and Logistics company.  It’s not only about outsourcing business processes; It’s about ‘Right Sourcing’. Since process efficiency and management have a direct impact on a company’s profitability, it is imperative to make a judicious selection in the right partner. This is where a company like Cenza and its partner KuneVerda in the Benelux can simplify logistics processes by offering relevant solutions that will help Shipping and Logistics companies unleash tangible value from outsourcing. 

Where can the business impact be seen?

 1. Improved Efficiency:

  • Facilitates companies to focus on core issues such as better procurement or building an effective relationship with customers and service providers.

2. Reduced Operations Cost:

  • Help reduce operational cost significantly up to 60%.

3. Scalability & Flexibility:

  • Provide scale and flexible skilled resources to match ever-changing logistics companies’ business requirements.

4. Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting:

  • On-demand real-time cargo tracking and tracing reports.

Cenza and KuneVerda – A brief overview

As a trusted and preferred business process outsourcing partner, Cenza has for more than 15 years delivered substantial reduction in operational cost and fast ROI to clients worldwide. We have developed deep capabilities in logistics business processes with a specific focus on Documentation, Freight Audit, Bill of Lading Audit, Track and Trace, and Invoice Management.

KuneVerda BV is an established company, specialized in industrial sustainable solutions KuneVerda brings deep understanding of Process optimization in the Logistics & shipping industries and combines innovative technologies into one consistent solution ranging from energy savings, route optimization to improved business processes.

Our long-term customer partnerships are based on high standards of work, and the continuous delivery of impactful value to our clients at an affordable cost.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization unlock real/tangible value.

About the Authors: 


Ed van Dort, brings over 25 years of experience in the Transport and Logistics industry in the EU and is specialized in the optimization of cargo flows through worldwide main ports. Besides his specialization in seaborne traffic, Ed has implemented several optimization projects for hinterland connections. Ed has a strong international network of transport and logistics experts and has been head of business development and software-engineering at a key information provider in the Port of Rotterdam, Royal Dirkzwager.


Hari Santhanam brings over 25 years of experience in IT, AI/ NLP, Education, Retail, Strategy Consulting and BPO. His pet functional areas are Global Business Strategy, Tech Solutioning, Go-to-Markets, Marketing, and Scaling.

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