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Unleashing The Power Of Outsourcing

“Change is the only constant”. This quote aptly applies to the Logistics and Transportation Industry. Dynamic market conditions, increasing customer expectations, rapidly changing technology environment, and importantly, increasing work force demands dominate the industry. There is a pertinent need for Logistics companies to be on their toes to improve efficiencies. This requires CXOs of Logistics companies to constantly assess, evaluate and improve their business processes to be ahead of the curve and deliver value to their clients.

“Test Drive” to Find the Right Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing or Managed Services has been in vogue for years in the world of business. In the burgeoning Logistics industry, business process documentation outsourcing has become essential because of intense global and local competition, and profitability challenges. Several Logistics companies - Freight Forwarders, Logistics Service Providers and Shipping Lines - have elected to outsource some or all back-office functions to trusted third party service providers, mostly offshore.

How Freight Audit Helps Boost Cash Flow and Profitability

Managing costs have always been an important and challenging task for Logistics companies across the world.  Now, it’s increasingly becoming a priority for improving profitability. According to research, nearly 80% of Logistics companies are overpaying their vendor partners for services delivered. Besides, they do little to correct payment error; this can cause negative cash flows and a decline in profitability.